Law School Accelerator Program

The Law School Accelerator Program is designed to provide a step-by-step procedure for acing law school.  The program shows you how to make exceptional outlines, write like a successful lawyer, manage your heavy workload, and write A+ exams.  
It is crucial that you not only put in the work to be great, but you have a plan and execute on that plan.  In addition to the course materials, I provide weekly recorded zoom meetings where you can ask me anything. 
Join the community of highly motivated and talented law students who will be the next generation of superstar attorneys.  

The Law School Outline
Assignment – (The Law School Outline)
Using your Outlines
Assignment – (Using Your Outlines)
Write like a lawyer
Assignment – (Write Like a Lawyer)
Time Management
Assignment – (Time Management)
The Law School Exam
Assignment – (The Law School Exam)
Master the Law
Assignment – (Master the Law)
Any law student who desires to excel academically and as a lawyer.
It is absolutely crucial that you complete all the lessons. You can just join the weekly zoom sessions, but that will only provide some guidance.
Generally, yes; but it depends. If you want to work at a big law firm or obtain a competitive job out of law school, grades certainly help. Good grades open doors, and while it's possible to get great jobs without grades, that rarely happens.
Sometimes. There are plenty of great lawyers who did not achieve top grades in law school. But, again, that is more of an exception than the norm. Good grades means that a person has a good understanding and baseline knowledge of the law, and that usually translates into being a good lawyer.
This depends on the individual. The more time you put into something the better you will become at it. However, there is no hard and fast rule about how many hours it will take for you to be successful. As a benchmark, most students find that between 4-6 hours a day of studying (outside of lectures) is sufficient to achieve top grades.
Yes. While the method remains the same each semester it takes time to master it. Many students stay subscribed for at least a year and some stay connected throughout law school. There is more than learning how to ace law school, you learn how to become a lawyer and get your first legal job!
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