Let Me Show You How To Ace  Law School

I Show Law Students How To Ace Law School​

Law school professors are notorious for teaching law by the Socratic Method.  The method is named after Socrates because he would question what others believed to be true, which led to universal definitions and truths.  Why then does the Socratic Method not work for many law students? 

The answer is because law students do not have a solid foundation or context.  That is why law school is hard and the professors know it, they hide the ball on purpose.  Professors challenge you to think and act like a lawyer, but that only works when there are reference points.  
At Veritas Doctrina, which means learning the truth, we build your foundation which will help you excel academically and launch your legal career.  

We are looking for motivated and determined law students.  To see if you qualify, fill out the survey and book a call.  


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