Langdell Hall, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA

There are significant differences between law school and undergrad, and most students are not physically or mentally prepared.  Many students are expected to get straight A’s because they have been doing that their entire life.  Law school is a rude awakening for most students because they no longer are at the top of their class. 

The first significant difference is the way the subject is taught.  In undergrad, depending on the major, a student goes to class and learns the material.  There may be homework, papers, labs, etc., that the student can regurgitate on the midterm and final exam and get an A.  In law school, that formulate does not work.  Law school class does not teach you the law, and the discussions about cases does not help for the final exam.  Many students spend unnecessary time to prepare for class and are shocked when the final exam is something completely different.

Another major difference is the distribution of grades.  There are many winners in undergrad because the competition is not as difficult or the professor will give out more A’s.  This is usually not the case in law school.  In law school the professor is mandated to follow a strict bell curve, meaning that only a few students out of a large class can get an A.  Further, even if you get all the answers correct, the A’s go to the best exams.  The professor literally takes the best 3-5 exams and those are the A’s.  Then the next few are A-‘s and so forth.  That means, for a student to do well, that student must be better than the competition.  As a result, there are only a few winners among very smart students.

To make law school even harder for most students, there is only one final exam.  That is it, do or die!  In undergrad there are usually many ways a student can earn points that goes toward the final grade.  There is typically homework, labs, projects, class participation, essays, midterm(s) and final exam. There may even be bonus points.  Law school, on the other hand, is one test.  You better not have a bad test day.

My students love that there is only one test because it gives them a substantial advantage.  While everyone else is intimidated, my students are prepared and ready to perform.  To find out more, click on the Case Study and start your application today.